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Mike Bennett Forestry & Arboriculture
MBFA - based in Moreton, Wirral

What is an arborist?
An arborist is a certified and trained professional who specializes in improving and sustaining the health and appearance of individual trees and shrubs. An arborist understands and appreciates the value of trees and shrubs and is trained to inspect them effectively to identify causes of plant problems. An arborist is also a skilled technician who can plant trees and shrubs, treat to resolve or prevent damage, remove trees and shrubs and operate trade-specific equipment and tools.

About us
Established in 2012, Mike Bennett Forestry & Arboriculture (MBFA) are based in Moreton, Wirral and have a creative, innovative and practical approach to tree management that has built up a strong reputation in the area. We work with individual home owners, local authorities, housing associations, schools, railway contractors, universities, architects, planning consultants, landscape architects and numerous national house builders and development companies, delivering high quality, consistent and relevantly detailed reports, advice, service and consultancy on all arboricultural matters.

Our extensive experience within the arboricultural industry allows us by using the Helliwell Principal to anticipate local planning authorities tree and environment requirements, identify and supply the level of tree information required for submission and negotiate with all interested parties in order to achieve appropriate solutions for projects, whether they are small residential extensions or master planning schemes for urban expansions.

Our dedicated and experienced team aim to keep at the forefront of the arboricultural industry through an on-going review and development programme, taking on board the opinions of all those involved with and affected by trees. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing our clients with a bespoke personal service befitting their particular project, be that work for a small private client or much larger corporation.
To explore in more detail the types of work that we do, please visit our Services page.

Steer clear of cowboys
If you anticipate hiring a tree service, beware of your personal liability for damage and injuries caused by uninsured “cowboy” arborists, especially people who cold call you at your door. A shoddy not thought through job will generate more extra work for people with chain saws, a group that unfortunately includes the careless, the unprofessional and the uninsured.

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Mike Bennett Forestry & Arboriculture

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